University Presidents Portraits

Adonijah S. Welch
President 1869-83

Seaman S. Knapp
President 1883-84

Leigh S. J. Hunt
President 1885-86

William I. Chamberlain
President 1886-90

William M. Beardshear
President 1891-1902

Albert B. Storms
President 1903-10

Raymond A. Pearson
President 1912-26

Herman Knapp
Acting President 1926-27

Raymond M. Hughes
President 1927-36

Charles E. Friley
President 1936-53

James H. Hilton
President 1953-65

W. Robert Parks
President 1965-86

Gordon Eaton
President 1986-90

Martin Jischke
President 1991-2000

Gregory L. Geoffroy
President 2001-11

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