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Bibliography management software

Get an EndNote Web Account Here – Click on “create an account” above the sign in box, use your ISU email address. EndNote Web is the new name for EndNote Web.

EndNote Web– What is it?

EndNote Web is a cloud-computing bibliographic management application. Its purpose is to help you to collect, organize, and use citations in your research. With an EndNote Web account, you can keep track of up to 50,000 references and format them in over 3300 different citation styles. The system allows you to organize your citations into “groups” so that material for multiple projects can be kept separate and even shared with a team of other users on a case-by-case basis.

References can often be imported into the system directly from an article database and, if you have a PDF or other file of the article, you can even attach it to the reference so that you know where to find it later (up to a 2GB total for your account).

When you need to use your references in a paper you’re writing, the system has a few ways to make your life easier. EndNote Web can create a bibliography for you from your stored references, in whatever citation format you need to use. Alternately, if you download and install the Cite-While-You-Write plugin (available for download from inside your EndNote Web account), you can have the system insert in-text citations and automatically generate a bibliography in your Microsoft Word document as you’re writing.

The EndNote creators have a series of video tutorials available.

What about EndNote 7 and EndNote Basic online?

 There are four different “levels” of EndNote to keep in mind:

EndNote 7 is an application you buy and install on your computer and does not require an internet connection to use (although it can be synced with the online options). It is the most complex and has the most options of any EndNote product, but you must purchase it yourself and the Library does not support all of its features.

EndNote online is the cloud application that provides unlimited reference storage and five GB of attachment storage. Users who own EndNote 6 or 7 have access to EndNote Online.

EndNote Basic is a free bare-bones, cloud-based system that anybody can use.

EndNote Web is the version we support here at the Library. Another name for EndNote Web is EndNote Basic Online. It is essentially an upgraded version of Endnote Basic that includes many more choices for citation formats and a larger number of databases that it will interface with directly. EndNote Web has all the same features as EndNote Online but provides less reference and attachment storage.

You can compare the different “levels” of EndNote here. To see the differences between EndNote Basic and EndNote Web, check the box next to “I have Web of Knowledge” – our subscription to that database (and other Thomson Reuter products) is why we can offer this upgrade free to ISU students and staff.

EndNote online Support at the Iowa State University Library

All members of the Reference and Instruction Department in the Library have a basic knowledge of EndNote Web and can help you in getting your account set up and using it. If you have further questions about any EndNote product you can contact Sarah Passonneau at She is the main contact person for EndNote questions and the coordinator of the Library’s EndNote Web workshops.

You can also visit our EndNote/EndNote WebLibrary Guide for general tips, tutorials, and links to more information.

EndNote Online Workshops

The library conducts EndNote Online workshops throughout the year.  The workshops are basic and require no previous experience with EndNote Online. You also can arrange to have an EndNote Online session for your class.  To arrange a class session, you can contact your subject librarian or Sarah Passonneau, For a list of upcoming workshops you can click on our EndNote/EndNote Web Library Guide and click on the Workshops tab.

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