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ISU Library Reference & Instruction librarians offer a variety of instructional seminars and workshops each semester. Recent seminar topics have included learning to use bibliographic management software; citation searching for promotion and tenure; finding grant information; online social networking, oral history resources; using Google Scholar, and more.

Video episodes of some of our recent past seminars are available on our Library instruction videos web page in the Library. You can also subscribe on that page to our RSS feed to be alerted when new seminars are added.

If you have questions or suggestions for Library seminars or workshops, please contact your subject librarian or Susan Vega Garcia, Head of the Library's Instruction Department.

Fall 2010 Seminars

One-hour lecture/demonstrations on the basic aspects of Zotero, Endnote, and Endnote web. Go to the individual LibGuides for detailed information about what is covered in each of the workshops, workshop dates, and how to register. Registration is required. Seating is limited.


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Spring 2010 Seminars

The Mobile Campus: Higher Education in the iPhone Age

Gerry McKiernan, Associate Professor, Science & Technology Librarian
Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 3:15-4:30, Parks Library 192

Seminar options: on-site or online (webinar)
Preregistration is required.
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Since 2004 the New Media Consortium (NMC) has profiled select emerging technologies and practices that an advisory board predicts will enter mainstream use in learning-focused organizations over the next one to five years. For several years, the adoption and use of mobile devices and services have been featured in its annual Horizon Report.

In this presentation, we will review the mobile phenomenon and profile a wide array of initiatives and projects that offer anytime/anywhere access to a variety of educational and information resources, services, and sources. We will conclude with a review of current and potential challenges and opportunities that institutions and their departments face in the ever-expanding mobile environment.

Gerry McKiernan is the owner of the personal blog Mobile Libraries which is devoted to documenting activities, initiatives, and projects relating to mobile technologies and their applications in educational environments.

Authors' Rights - Your Rights and Copyright Transfer Agreements

Steve McMinn, Assistant Professor, Science & Technology Librarian
Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 3:15-4:30, Parks Library 192

Seminar options: on-site or online (webinar)
Preregistration is required.
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Managing authors' rights is a key component to transforming scholarly communication. This session covers which rights academic authors have over their intellectual output and which rights are important for them to protect.  Learn more about reading, understanding, and amending publisher copyright transfer agreements to maintain the rights important to your research results.

Many scholars simply sign a publisher's copyright agreement without questioning anything. Scholars should be aware that they can and should amend the copyright transfer agreements in order to protect their rights and to allow for maximum exposure to their research.

Dealing with Plagiarism: Pedagogy or Punishment

Rebecca Jackson, Associate Professor & Head, Social Sciences & Humanities Dept., ISU Library
Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 3:15-4:30, Parks Library 192

Seminar options: on-site or online (webinar)
Preregistration is required.
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This seminar will combine presentation and discussion. Plagiarism seems to have intensified on campuses, especially with the rise of the internet as a major source of information.  We will learn about the actual data on plagiarism, as well as the various ways that plagiarism is defined in the literature on the issue.  Most researchers agree that plagiarism is still a very serious form of academic misconduct; however, it is usually categorized as intentional or unintentional, with punishment assigned on a range that is dependent on the intention of the plagiarizer and the number of instances a student has plagiarized.

The presentation will include the reasons for plagiarism, and the various means of dealing with the problem in your classes. Small group discussion amongst the participants will focus on concrete examples of plagiarism instances and how they were treated. Participants will leave the seminar with, among other things, a better understanding of why plagiarism occurs among our students and new ways of dealing with the behavior.

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