How to request

First verify that the item is not owned by the ISU Library in any format (paper, microform, electronic, etc.). For most items, this means checking Quick Search to see if the item is listed.

For journal articles, it may also be necessary to check the A-Z list of electronic journals.

Assistance in determining whether or not the item is owned at ISU can be obtained at the Help & Information Desk or through the Ask Us! feature of the Library.

Ways to request

  • Online ILL Request Form.
  • Worldcat is a very efficient way to request books and other materials that are borrowed and returned (i.e., "returnables").
  • Most article indexes & databases in the Library provide a Get It@ISU button that facilitates the requesting of journal articles via ILL.
  • Contact ILL staff for assistance with placing requests.

Information to include in request

Please provide ILL staff with as much information as possible about the item. To increase the likelihood that ILL staff can successfully process the request, please include:

  • For returnables, an accurate title is the minimum information required. For journal articles, please include journal title, volume, date, article title and page numbers, if possible.
  • The source in which the item was cited. For example, if the citation is in a particular index or electronic database, make note of this source on the request form.
  • Unique identifier for the desired item (e.g., ISBN#, ISSN#, ERIC record number, FAO document number, etc.), if the citation source provides one. Providing an ISBN or ISSN will likely speed up the delivery of the requested item.

There are no formal limits on the number of requests users can submit. Anyone with a large number of requests (50 or more) should consult with ILL staff before submitting them.

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