Physical Access to Parks Library Building and Collections

For assistance with physical access needs, please call the Space and Stacks Management Unit at 515 294-0444.

Entering Parks Library

  • Parking available on west side of building (requires permit)
  • Access ramps are located at the Library's main entrance
  • Automatic, electronic eye-activated entry/exit at the Library's main entrance


  • Main elevators are located in the Main Lobby, northwest corner.  
    • These elevators lead to the five floors of the newer part of the Library.
  • Elevator for access to the Tiers is located in the Learning Connections Center (along northeast wall near classroom 134).  
    • This elevator leads to the seven tiers (floors) in the older part of the Library, and also to the five floors of the newer part of the Library.
  • All elevators are labeled with Braille.

Wheelchair Accommodations

  • Restrooms accommodating wheelchairs are located on all floors except Lower Level
  • Wheelchair available at Circulation Desk
  • Free campus-use phone at wheelchair height located on Lower Level near central staircase
  • Library workstations at wheelchair height
    • Located in Main Lobby along glass wall, north
    • and the Media Center (located on Lower Level)

Evacuation Procedures

If you are unable to evacuate the library via the stairs or are with someone who is unable to use the stairs, go to the nearest enclosed stairwell.  Tell anyone where you are and give them the stairwell and floor location on which you are located.  If you were given information about a location of a physically disabled person, immediately report this information to library staff at the command center near the east door of Atanasoff. Library staff then will notify emergency personnel (DPS, Fire, and/or Medical) of the location and arrange for the patron’s departure from the building.