Recall or Hold an Item

Is the item you need checked out (for at least 4 weeks) or otherwise unavailable (on order, at the bindery, etc.)? Use the Request item feature in Quick Search or fill out a paper request form at the Circulation Desk.

To use the Request item feature:

  • Search Quick Search for the item you want.
  • Within the search result, click on the Locations / Request Item tab.
  • Within the tab, "Request Item" is next to the item's location and call number.
  • Click on "Request item," enter your user information (Borrower ID and Library Password), complete any other information as appropriate (following the online prompts), and submit your request.
  • Depending on the service you're requesting (recall, hold, booking, delivery), you'll receive some kind of immediate confirmation message. Please read this message carefully. It may tell you that your request has been submitted, and advise you regarding "next steps." It may alert you to a potential problem (e.g., you may be attempting to recall a book that is not checked out, or requesting delivery of an item that is not eligible for delivery, etc.).

When the item you recalled has been returned, you will receive a "HOLD NOTIFICATION". Please bring this notice with you when you come to retrieve the item at the Parks Circulation Desk or branch library.