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"Bells of Iowa State"

"Bells of Iowa State" The original bells, n.d.


Words and Music by Jim Wilson
English Department, 1928-1931

Green hills for thy throne, and for
crown a golden melody
Ringing in the hearts of all who bring
thee love and loyalty.

Dear Alma Mater, make our
spirits great,
True and valiant like the
Bells of Iowa State.

Enhanced are our lives by thy
wisdom and fidelity
Each inspiring moment here
implants enduring loyalty.

Dear Alma Mater, keep life’s
pathways straight,
Hearts allegiant to the
Bells of Iowa State.

(First prize, 1931 Chicago Alumni Song Contest)


To listen to the Iowa State University Cyclone Marching Band play "The Bells of Iowa State," please visit the ISU Alumni Association Web site.




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