University Library Committee on Diversity

The University Library Committee on Diversity works with the Dean of the Library to develop and promote a diverse work force at the Library, foster diversity and inclusion in Library policies, practices, programming, and services, and partner with campus groups to promote, support, sponsor and celebrate diversity at Iowa State University. The creation and maintenance of a safe space for a diverse and multicultural community of respectful persons is essential to the educational mission of this library and university.

The committee is interested in partnering with campus units and organizations to support diversity-related events and programs on campus. For more information, please email


  1. To promote diversity and inclusion among Library personnel and in Library programming and services by informing and educating Library personnel on topics concerning diversity.

  2. To proactively address fair and equal treatment of Library personnel by monitoring compliance with federal, state, and University guidelines.

  3. To help create a work environment in which all personnel are able to develop to the fullest extent of their potential.

  4. To promote, support, sponsor and celebrate diversity on campus and promote the library as a safe space for diversity and multiculturalism by providing programs and services that are inclusive and reflect the diversity of the Iowa State community.


  • Kimberly Anderson (2nd term, 16-18)
  • Jason Carpenter (1st term, 16-18)
  • Hilary Deike (ex officio, Human Resources)
  • Hilary Seo (ex officio, Equity Adviser)
  • Erin Thomas (2nd term, 17-19)
  • Jill Vasquez (1st term, 15-17)
  • Susan Vega García (ex officio, Accessibility Coordinator)

Past Members