Diversity and Inclusion

Iowa State University defines diversity broadly to include age, gender, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and ability. The University Library actively supports the celebration and advancement of diversity, as well as equity and inclusion, on campus through the collections, programming and services offered.

University Library Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The University and the Library value the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  No one person or single committee can be responsible for creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment where all people can feel they belong. This responsibility belongs to all of us as members of the Library.

Conversations on DEI issues can be difficult. However, by engaging in open and collegial discussions on these topics, we strengthen our organization.  We begin to learn and appreciate different facets that comprise our identities, both our own and those of our colleagues, and begin to understand one another more deeply.  This knowledge and respect enriches our work.

As the Library moves forward, let us all commit to "lean into our discomfort," to approach each other and our work with good intentions, honesty, and empathy, and trust our colleagues are doing the same.  We are all aligned in the shared goal of creating an excellent Library.  All of us throughout the Library, at all staff levels and responsibilities, are also vital participants in creating an inclusive and equitable Library, for ourselves, our colleagues, and our communities.

(Adopted May 2018)

University Library Position Description Diversity Statement

The following statement has been approved for inclusion in all new and revised University Library position descriptions and job postings:

ISU students, staff, and faculty strive to overcome historical and divisive biases in our society.  Library staff must embrace an environment of inclusion that moves beyond simple tolerance to recognizing the richness in individual identities of people, and diverse perspectives.

(Adopted 10/15)