134 Parks Library Doors

Carved and painted wooden door - rolling spring fieldsThe doorways for the Learning Connections Classroom (134 Parks Library) are graced by three-dimensional artwork from Sticks, a Des Moines-based art company.

The main entry features a three-dimensional sculptural tree (representing the tree of knowledge) with hand-carved leaves on a stylized landscape background with 3-D carvings related to scientific knowledge icons. A "fall" color palette ties in with colors found in a large Sticks mural (celebrating the recent ISU 150th celebration) located close by, as well as representing "fall semester". The classroom sign hangs from a branch. The secondary entry features a "spring" color palette with a more two-dimensional carved tree to round out the academic year theme of "spring semester" and features colors found in the historic Grant Wood Murals located in the original 1925 Library entrance and staircase.

Carved and painted wood door with carved tree branch over greek letters, fall leaves, blue background